WHOA! We started a blog! (By Nathan)

Now you can keep up to date with every little thing that is going on in our lives and through our heads. I’ll be using this as a platform mostly to air out my personal dirty laundry and to gossip relentlessly about my peers. I’ll also be starting a fashion ‘hot or not’ section where I will post personal photos of unsuspecting individuals and deem whether I feel they are fashionable or whether I think they are frumpy embarrassments.

JOKING! That would be a horrible idea. We’ll try to keep this about our band, Cadence & Nathan. Things ┬ásuch as what we’ve been up to, what we will be getting up to and how much I drank at our last show.

For those that don’t know, we’re a folk group based out of Edmonton, Alberta. We are often joined by a group of talented folks we are proud to also call friends when we perform.

Since we released our first album last summer things have just been amazing for us. We’ve been lucky enough to get radio play on a lot of independent radio stations across the country, we’ve played shows with other Canadian acts that have inspired us and we’ve made a ridiculous amount of money that we spend on frivolous things such as rent and Mr. Noodles. Most of all though, we just feel so grateful to be a part of a local music scene that feels like a family. A motley crew of artists that know the value of community and time spent on the work you truly love to work at, despite the financial hardships that can come along with it. We’ve watched our friends grow as musicians and artists to amazing heights and we’re so happy to be a part of it all.

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. I think the chicken tenders I put in the oven are burning. I’ve also been putting off cleaning my crappy apartment for two months and it smells like stale cantaloupe.

My sister Cadence will also be writing on this blog as well. Hopefully we can agree on what’s appropriate and what’s not. We differ creatively sometimes.

So thanks for reading and stay tuned for some blog posts that will BLOW YO MINDZ!!

Or maybe just keep you reasonably entertained.