My Story/ Argument for playing an Instrument

I started playing an instrument because my mother wanted me to. I think I was ten. There was a big guy down our block who was in college and played Pantera on his step at night. My mom approached him one day to come over every week and give my sister and I lessons. My mother never played, but loved music and wanted to see her kids get into it. We started learning to read music and working on basic songs like When the Saints Go Marching In. I didn’t like to practice and spent most of the lessons asking our teacher if he could play us some heavy metal songs, which helped to waste time until our hour lesson was over. Soon enough my guitar went into a corner of my closet and didn’t come out again for a year or two.

I tried playing an instrument again a few years later when my friends and I were talking about starting a band in grade seven. I think this was when we were just starting to try to impress girls, but still weren’t admitting it. I told my new band mates I had a guitar and played, but didn’t tell them I only played When the Saints Go Marching In. That didn’t really matter because none of the guys I was gonna start the band with even had instruments. They said they were gonna ask their parents though, so we were headed in the right direction.

I started taking lessons again at a guitar store in town. They were a bit funner because the teachers would show me how to play rock songs I heard on the radio. Most of the time I only would learn the intros, but that was enough to play for my mom when I got home so she would be happy and maybe feel like her money was being well spent. I still didn’t like to practice and would ask my new teacher to tell me about his years playing in rock bands around town. This helped to waste time until our hour lesson was over. Only one of my new ‘band mates’ actually bought an instrument. We still talked about what we were gonna name ourselves though.

I don’t think I really started playing music seriously until I was into puberty and my voice was cracking and I had bad acne and tripped over my shoes a lot. Music seems to mean more at that age. It’s probably because of the raging hormones, but I would walk around listening to sad songs on my discman and I remember it being extremely intense. I also think there was this need to feel like I was different, or special or something because the thought that I was the exact same as the six hundred kids that went to my high school depressed me. I think this was the age when kids started dying their hair bright colours and getting lip rings. At that age you desperately want to be accepted, but at the same time you want to stand out.

This is also the age when grown ups started telling me that I needed to get my future plans figured out our else I would be closing doors for myself when I grew up. That was when I really started practicing. It became a sort of meditation to deal with the stress of dealing with my scary future. I remember sitting in my basement for hours and playing for as long as I could. It was down there I remember thinking to myself If I could grow up to be a good player I’d be happy. I also really wanted to be a big star and date models, but I told myself if I just got good at playing, that would be alright.

I finished highschool and moved to a bigger city. I started playing in bands and with anybody that would ask me to sit in with them. In retrospect I wasn’t that good and had no idea about the business behind music. But I started playing shows and people seemed to think I was good enough so I kept going. I worked a job driving a forklift during the day. If the boss ever asked me if I wanted overtime I would say no because I had to get home and practice. It became my favourite time. I’d get upset if for some reason I couldn’t.

It’s been quite a few years now and Im not a star and I don’t date models (although my girlfriend is pretty hot). Sometimes I think about all the time I’ve put into playing my instrument. Sometimes I think if I would have put that time into learning to fix cars or on school, that I’d have a lot more money. But it’s been in these years I’ve seen the doors that playing has opened for me. I’ve made countless friends who seem to understand the commitment and who I always have something to talk about with.

I still work a boring job, but I know a lot of people do. As long as I get to practice at night and play songs with my friends on the weekends I’m okay with it. It gives me some place to put my mind when I get stressed and wonder what I’m doing with my life.

I think of playing music as my longest relationship. I’ve had peaks of interest and valleys, but I’ve never let it go. When I don’t get to spend time with my music I get depressed. It scares me to think of living life without it.

If ever talk to somebody and they mention they are thinking of starting out with an instrument I always try to encourage them. If there’s one thing the internet has done it’s driven the price of recorded music down to near nothing and made what was a hard way of earning a living even harder. But that value of what you can get from playing is still the same. It’s meditation and an escape from harsh reality sometimes. It’s a conversation waiting to be started and, with the right attitude, it’s friends and memories around the corner. It’s frustrating, then satisfying, then frustration, then amazing, then eventually it becomes a part of who you are. So if you were ever considering it, I think you should :).





Nathan & Nathan Play Tanya’s Wedding! (By Nathan)

In Alberta there’s so much going on in the summer it’s ridiculous. There seems to be something happening every single weekend, be it a wedding or a monster truck show or a wet t-shirt contest or a housewarming. With the heat we’ve been getting though I think maybe somebody should throw a friggin’ house-cooling!! Eh? Who agrees? About the house cooling?

Cadence was off at a techno festival this weekend called Basscoast in Marmott, BC. If you take the ‘b’ out of Basscoast it turns into Asscoast. But that has nothing to do with anything except for the fact that I don’t like electronic music that much and I’m a hater. I’d rather sit through my own junior high battle of the bands than go to a techno festival. And my junior high battle of the bands was the worst performance ever. That is, until one of my high school girlfriends invited me to her place to stay the night when her parents were out of town. Then that night became the worst performance ever. And still is. Anyways Cadence said she had a great time at the robot music festival and I’m sure she did.

I was off in the Okanagan playing at my friend Tanya’s wedding. She had asked me to do it a while ago and although it’s an assload of driving I was happy to say yes because she’s a cool chick and her husband is too. (A cool dude, I mean).

I took my girlfriend because we haven’t been dating that long and there’s nothing better for a relationship than a long ass roadtrip in a hot car.

It actually turned out really well. We stayed in Canmore AB the first night, which is my favourite town to visit in Alberta. From there we drove to Penticton where the campsite I booked us was. I’d never been to Penticton and when I booked the campsite I had just found it on Google. It was pretty hillbilly. There were so many people packed in there it was ridiculous. We set up our tent and on Friday night at around three in the morning we were woken up by a bunch of drunken idiots pulling into the campsite next to us.  They had also pulled their gigantic speedboat out front of our tent that they brought to pick up chicks. We were pretty pissed off at getting woken up by these idiots. But I ended up getting drunk with those idiots on Sunday night and they weren’t actually that bad. It helps to be a drunken idiot when you’re around drunken idiots.

They wedding went perfect. It was at a country club and it was great. As requested I played Reign of Love by Coldplay for the service along with some other instrumental stuff. Weddings are sweet and they always make me want to get married.Not to actually be married, but to get married. 

The Okanagan is amazing with it’s lakes and rolling hills. And Penticton isn’t even that expensive when it comes to restaraunts and other basic stuff. I think a lot of places in Edmonton are costlier. Just make sure you book ahead because that place is busy in the summer.

We made it back to Edmonton safe and sound. Great trip. The final thing I wanted to mention was our soundtrack for the weekend. I stopped at the music store before we left and got some great cd’s and cassettes (Yeah my car has a cassette player. Jealous?) I got some old Beck and REM I hadn’t heard in forever and I also picked up some amazing Canadian records. You should give these a chance if you get a chance. They’re great and totally worth your dime or at least checking outImage.

The Provincial Archive – Maybe We Could Be Holy (My gf Chloe, loves this one)

Andrew Scott- 13 Birds of Prey

Kathleen Edwards- Voyageur

Great Northern Revival Vol 3 Compilation

(This one isn’t on itunes but it’s a mix of great indie Alberta bands).

Michael Dunn and the Moanin After- Come on out back to the shed tonight




WHOA! We started a blog! (By Nathan)

Now you can keep up to date with every little thing that is going on in our lives and through our heads. I’ll be using this as a platform mostly to air out my personal dirty laundry and to gossip relentlessly about my peers. I’ll also be starting a fashion ‘hot or not’ section where I will post personal photos of unsuspecting individuals and deem whether I feel they are fashionable or whether I think they are frumpy embarrassments.

JOKING! That would be a horrible idea. We’ll try to keep this about our band, Cadence & Nathan. Things  such as what we’ve been up to, what we will be getting up to and how much I drank at our last show.

For those that don’t know, we’re a folk group based out of Edmonton, Alberta. We are often joined by a group of talented folks we are proud to also call friends when we perform.

Since we released our first album last summer things have just been amazing for us. We’ve been lucky enough to get radio play on a lot of independent radio stations across the country, we’ve played shows with other Canadian acts that have inspired us and we’ve made a ridiculous amount of money that we spend on frivolous things such as rent and Mr. Noodles. Most of all though, we just feel so grateful to be a part of a local music scene that feels like a family. A motley crew of artists that know the value of community and time spent on the work you truly love to work at, despite the financial hardships that can come along with it. We’ve watched our friends grow as musicians and artists to amazing heights and we’re so happy to be a part of it all.

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. I think the chicken tenders I put in the oven are burning. I’ve also been putting off cleaning my crappy apartment for two months and it smells like stale cantaloupe.

My sister Cadence will also be writing on this blog as well. Hopefully we can agree on what’s appropriate and what’s not. We differ creatively sometimes.

So thanks for reading and stay tuned for some blog posts that will BLOW YO MINDZ!!

Or maybe just keep you reasonably entertained.


First photo on da blog!

First photo on da blog!

Just putting up a picture to break this blog in.